The Gardens

Even if we say so ourselves, the gardens at Roseville are something special. Over the years that we’ve been here, we’ve created a quiet retreat for us and our guests to enjoy.

Many people are surprised at how extensive the gardens are when they first see them. The covered patio leads through the vine arch onto large lawns, surrounded by mature beds of shrubs and flowers.

We’ve carefully chosen the species to give year-round interest, so it’s always a relaxing place to spend some time.

The patio makes a really comfortable indoor-outdoor place to sit and enjoy the gardens. You can even have breakfast here, if you prefer - just let us know.

In the middle of the garden are a table and chairs, almost hidden by a bower of shrubs. A buddleia attracts clouds of butterflies in summer, while the apple tree is laden down with fruit in a good year. This is a favourite spot with many guests - you can really drift away!

We used to have a good flock of chickens, but their traditional enemy – Mr Fox – has removed it and we now buy our eggs from Free range sources in Cheshire.

There's a gas barbecue which guests are welcome to use - we can supply all the utensils and crockery, too, if you want to take advantage of some good weather to cook and eat outdoors.

So if you want to read, wander or just sit and relax, the gardens at Roseville are always here for you to enjoy.